ROBOTOR RECORDS thrilled to announce the very first signing on their young label: “ladies and gentlemen, please welcome SPLINTER to our roster!”

Lupus Lindemann comments:
“A really exciting moment in our short label history. We have a long friendship with Douwe and Sander and KADAVAR have toured all over Europe with their previous band DEATH ALLEY. Together with Gertjan from BIRTH OF JOY and Barry, they have now founded the super rock n roll band SPLINTER. It is our honor to work with them!”

The Amsterdam based group will release their full-length debut album on ROBOTOR RECORDS later this year and we welcome you to follow their socials and stay tuned for more info to be revealed very soon!

Douwe adds:
“It’s an absolute thrill that SPLINTER’s first feat of arms is presented to you all by the cool and fresh ROBOTOR RECORDS. These guys have this (successful) sense of doing things your own way – a DIY spirit that also runs through SPLINTER’s veins. We’ve been hanging out with KADAVAR a lot over the past years, so we’re very excited to seal the friendship even further with this collaboration. And after being kept in the doghouse for so long, our imminent release now tastes extra extra sweet. It’s time to let the rubber band snap, and make it stick!”